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Instrumentation & Process Automation


We offer assistance in instrumentation engineering, supply and installation services to diverse sectors like Oil and gas sector, Power sector, Sewage treatment plants, Cement industries, Meat industry and Dairy industry to name a few.

  • Preparing Instrument index

  • Instrument datasheet

  • Junction box termination details

  • Instrument hook up drawings

  • Loop drawings

  • Cable tray selection and routing

  • Cable gland selection details

Process Automation

The selection of control system always remains as the critical parameter in the initial stages of process package design.  The incendiary disruptions of the modern global economy have procreated the challenges faced by today’s process industries. Eventually the demands for intricate process control system have increased which acts as a tool to manage the mechanism, reduce energy consumption, cut emissions and provide quick and precise information from the field to support production and business decisions.

• PLC Control panel with HMI or Touch screen
• PLC Control panel with SCADA system 

• Remote Terminal units (RTU) with display.
• Smart or programmable relay logic panel with display.
• Condition monitoring system (for your pumps).
• Alarm annunciator system.
• Relay Logic based control panels (Conventional type)
• Marshalling cabinets.
• Interposing relay panels.
• Chiller sequencing control panel


Hazardous Area Automation

We are specialists in delivering three methods of automation protections in hazardous locations as Energy Limiting, Containment or Segregation either using IEC zone classification system or the NEMA class and division system.


• Purge & pressurized PLC control panel
• Explosion proof PLC control panel
• Intrinsically safe PLC control panel
• SIL 1,2 & 3 based PLC control panel
• Fire and Gas system
• ESD (Emergency shutdown) system
• Asset management interface (HART) Panel
• Thin client HMI panel for Zone1 or 2
• Containerised operator control room
• Burner management system
• Flare control panel
• Relay panels (2 out of 3 voted)
• Custom build (SS316L) panel fabrication


Our electrical department arranges Motor control centres for safe areas which can interface with DCS/PLC systems and explosion-protected electrical equipments for hazardous locations.  Our crew also develops intelligent MCC which makes remote monitoring becomes easy.


• Motor control center Form 2 to 4 type 7
• Motor starter panel (Hazardous & safe area)
• Distribution board (Hazardous & safe area)
• Pump start/stop station (Hazardous area)
• Transformer control panel (Hazardous area)
• Generator control & Synchronisation panels
• AC & DC Variable frequency drives
• Customised explosion proof electrical panel
• Low voltage switchgear up to 6300A
• Automatic & manual transfer panel

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