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Fire Protection

We take special efforts and practices for preventing or reducing injury and loss of life or property by fire. We also carry out parallel activities such as research on the causes of fire, education of the public about fire hazards, and the maintenance and constant improvement of fire-fighting equipment. Our team is well-trained to reduce the extent of damage that a fire can cause and help to avert one from breaking out in the first place. We are specialised in:

  • Wet & Dry Sprinkler system

  • Wet & Dry Riser system

  • Deluge system for LPG Tanks

  • Automatic Foam fire suppression system

  • Pre-Action fire fighting system

  • FM 200 / PMALL227 fire suppression system

  • Co2 & N2 system

  • Addressable & Conventional Fire Alarm system

  • Central Battery Emergency & Exit Light

  • Voice Evacuation system

  • CO Detection system

  • Aerosol Fire Suppression System

  • Very Early Warning Fire Detection System (VESDA)

  • NOVEC1230 System

  • Fire Rated Exit Doors

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Hose Reel System

  • Fire Pump System

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Bridgeway is committed to providing the highest level of inspection and preventive maintenance for fire protection, fire suppression, fire alarm systems. Our certified technicians take pride in ensuring your products and systems are maintained according to manufacturers’ standards and guidelines as well as the international codes having a reference.

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