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We excel in performing as an electrical contracting business that performs specialized construction work related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. We undertake electrical systems; residential, business or commercial, and other institutions. To accomplish this we possess qualified electricians who are experts to carry out and fix electrical related problems with keeping all necessary safety measures. We are focused in:

  • All Building services (Internal/External/Infrastructure etc)

  • Electrical Switchgear Panels (M.V and L.V) MDBs, SMDB and DBs.

  • Indoor and Outdoor lightings (Explosion-proof & Non Explosion-proof)

  • Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems.

  • Power and Distribution transformers, 33KV/22KV/ 11KV/400KV, ranging from 1.0 - 15MVA.

  • Neutral Earthing Resistors for power transformers.

  • Electrical motors and equipment ranging from 0.5kW to 500kW.

  • Cathodic Protection System 

  • Electrical Heat Tracing System.

  • Glancing and terminations.

  • Cable tray management system (GI, SS and FRVE)

  • MCCs and starter panels.

  • All Low Current System

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